Tribute to Cancer Survirors

Last week a friend shared with me that she is going through a second bout with breast cancer.  As she and her husband waited at the Norris Cancer Center they admired a sculpture of a single-breasted woman holding her bow at her side.  It seemed to them that it was a comforting and hopeful piece in the room where so many women with breast cancer wait.  Looking more closely they saw that it was titled “Triumphant Warrior, A Tribute To Breast Cancer Survivors”, and that the sculptor was me!!  I don’t know for sure who donated it to the Center.

The “Triumphant  Warrior” represents the Amazon women who were said to have cut off a breast in order to use their bows and arrows more effectively. And she has successfully fought her battle so her bow is at her side.

There were only five editions of that bronze piece.  The mold is gone now, so those five are very special.


2 thoughts on “Tribute to Cancer Survirors

  1. I have recently met with my doctors at the Norris Breast Center in the conference room where this “Triumphant Warrior” sclupture lives. I was
    immediately drawn to it. I understand it’s been there for at least six years.
    It is, indeed, a comfort and hopefull piece. I didn’t know the story about the Amazon women who fought in battles. I was sitting across the room from where the sclupture was situated. I could see that the woman did not have a left breast. I walked over to get a closer look. She is indeed “Triumphant”. She
    has a kind face, and is smiling. I wondered why she did not have any arrows. I decided that it was because “it wasn’t that kind of battle” she was fighting.
    I am going to try to find out who donated the sculpture. If I can find out, because many donors wish to remain anonymous, I will let you know. If you’d
    like to know. Thank you, to you the artist, and to the donor for sharing this truly inspiring and uplifting piece of art.

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