A happier me

Here’s a picture of me holding “Big Mama” before the show.

It feels so good to have the clay finally begin to feel good in my hands again.

“Dancing in the Sunshine”, currently in the “Land Shapes” show at Fox Fine Jewelry in Ventura, was the first ‘happy’ piece  during the past year. Then a trip to Sedona to take a sculpture class encouraged me to try a few new techniques, sort of gave me a new incentive.  So now I let the clay get a little firmer, use larger slabs, and make liberal use of the paddle!  Small things, but it makes me work differently, and hopefully, better and happier.  “Big Mama” and “Twinkle Toes” are the direct result of a couple of new techniques, and a happier me.  (The good news is that “Big Mama” has sold!)

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  1. Congratulations on the sale of Big Mama! Glad you got your groove back, Maggie. Keep it going. Your sculptures have great personality and your fan base hopes you will continue to fill us up with your juicy women sculptures.

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