Uppity Women

It’s been fun getting comments from so many of you who have seen the show at Fox Fine Jewelry!  I’m always glad to hear that someone recognizes my work, and enjoys it.  Just this week a friend from Ojai, and the young man who washes windows for me, each said they had recognized my “uppity women” in the window at Fox!

And it continues to be good for me when I get to spend time in my Studio.  Right now I have two pieces waiting to be fired, and two more maquettes (studies for a bigger piece), waiting for me to see if they really want to be bigger or not.  Sometimes those ladies seem to have a mind of their own!

I started using a new terra cotta clay this week, one with a little less grog in it, so it could be a little smoother.  I’m anxious to see how it fires.  And I continue to try to incorporate some of the things I learned in the three day workshop in Sedona a few months ago.