Simple Joy

Simple Joy - terra cotta sculpture 10"
Simple Joy – terra cotta sculpture 10″

Before I ever created a sculpture inspired by my trip to India, something a friend said got me to thinking in a different direction. Her child is nearly out of college now, and in reminiscing about his childhood, she said “I’ve discovered that I really enjoyed being a mother”.  Not just holding an infant, but enjoying watching her child grow.  That inspired this piece called “Simple Joy”.  It will be on exhibit in the Gallery at Studio Channel Islands Art Center during the show titled “ About Women”.  Reception is May 4th from 4 – 6 pm.

The following photos show the process I used for the patina.  The first shows the terra cotta piece ready to be fired.  The little maquette is visible just behind it.  After firing and putting a sealer on it, the first coat of paint is gold.  Next comes a thin coat of burnt umber, followed by a watery mix of hookers green and white.  And finally brown and black shoe polish is lightly brushed over the whole piece.

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3 Replies to “Simple Joy”

  1. I recently aquired a piece of your work. Coral Melody. Could you tell me about this piece? I would love to have some information

  2. Hi Maggie, I am hoping that you check your blog often… I have been trying to find your email address but can’t seem to locate it. I understand that we two and one other uppity women will be showing together at the Blackboard in January. I hope we can all get together SOON to discuss this event. I look forward to seeing you at FOTM Oct 14th.
    elle-je’ freeheart 805-746-9762

    1. Would love to meet you! Email is Phone 805 479 6084. I’ll be in my studio this Sat. from 10-4 and then in the Gallery reception from 4 to 6. Come by if you can. Otherwise call me and we’ll figure out a time to meet.


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