Women can celebrate who they are, no matter what their size or shape

After years as a mother, teacher, and politician, working to shape lives and county policies, I have at last found time to shape clay.

Working in clay was a “pre-politics” hobby, which has now turned into a full-time passion.  Influenced by the works of Mexican sculptor Francisco Zuniga and Italian sculptor Felice Vatteroni, I have found myself creating female forms: small, large, happy, sad, strong, voluptuous, heroic, resigned, young, old.  The clay seems to lend itself to these expressions.  There is a great deal of satisfaction in shaping these women and their feelings.

It is the tactile process, the feeling of the clay being molded in my hands that excites me; I hope your response will be to want to feel these pieces, to touch them, and to experience what they can mean to you.